June 27, 2012 6:44 AM


Indira Cesarine, owner of the New York based transmedia publishing company, Untitled Media,

has been working in the creative industries since 1993
Her career started out in fashion and advertising, having worked as a photographer internationally for top fashion and lifestyle publications including British Vogue, GQ, Esquire, In Style and Marie Claire to name a few. She shot numerous international advertising campaigns for clients such as Dior, Charles Jourdan, Kenzo and Cerruti. A graduate of Columbia University & New York Film Academy, her career as a director took off after her first short film was featured at Cannes Film Festival in 2007.

Inspired by the combination of fashion, filmmaking and contemporary art, in 2009 she launched the multimedia publication XXXX Magazine, “The Untitled Magazine”. Coined “the new wave forward in multimedia publishing,” it showcases original productions of fashion and video art films as well as documentary shorts. XXXX Magazine has been considered a pioneer in digital media with it’s directional video content and progressive approach to publishing. The magazine collaborates with emerging and established directors and artists internationally to produce a new issue every 6 months which is available in print, online, on the ipad as well as in international exhibits and screenings. Since launching, the publication has been invited to exhibit its original video productions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, at fundraisers for the Louvre Museum, at Art Basel Miami and Cannes Film Festival, among many other exhibits and screenings internationally. The original video productions can also be seen daily in 1 and 2 hour screenings at The Big Screen Plaza outdoor cinema in Chelsea, Manhattan. Aside from it’s renowned editorial productions, the magazine presents extensive coverage of contemporary art exhibits, events and international fashion weeks on it’s website.

Moving forward with the transmedia publication, in 2011 Indira Cesarine launched the print edition,The Untitled Magazine. The print edition, which features a mix of photography and video stills, elaborates on the editorial productions from XXXX Magazine, as well as includes a stronger journalistic approach with articles on culture, fashion, film and contemporary art. The print edition is currently available in the US and the UK, with the September 2012 issue to be available in over 50 countries. As Editor in Chief of the publication, she oversees all editorial content, curating each issue with a thematic approach.

Aside from her work as an editor and publisher, Indira maintains an active career as a photographer and director, continuing to collaborate with other international publications and commercial clients. Her work has been featured internationally on TV shows such as E! TV, Fashion TV, Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, HBO’s Special “Ford Supermodel of the World”, MTV, “High Society,” H&M LIFE TV and “Make Me A Supermodel” UK and US editions.